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Septic Certification in Apple Valley, California

If you are buying or selling a home or listing a property for rent, we recommend that you schedule a certification for your septic system. There are many benefits to having your septic system undergo this process. Most banks and other lenders require that a septic tank be pumped before financing can be arranged for the purchase of the property. After Honest John's Septic Service Inc. has inspected, pumped and certified the tank, we will send the documentation to the escrow service or mortgage lender. This documentation helps you meet the requirements of renting or selling a property.
Man Standing on Septic Tanks — Drain Cleaning Service in Apple Valley, CA
During the inspection, our crew will view all of the parts of the septic system, including the tank, leaching field and pipes. We will check for common issues such as leaks as well as clogs or excessive debris buildup. Our appointments only take about one to two hours to complete. If pumping of the tank is needed, we may be able to do it at the same visit or on a separate appointment that fits into your schedule.
We invite all in the Apple Valley, California area to join us as we certify your septic system. You may ask us any questions that you have about the system and how it works. Before you list a property for sale or rent, give us a call to get the septic system certified.
If you are applying for a mortgage through the VA, the FHA or a conventional lender, Honest John's service can help you get through the transaction without unnecessary delays. If you plan to subdivide your property, we may also need to pump and have the septic system certified.

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