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Septic Tank Installation Services in Apple Valley, CA

If you have noticed signs of trouble with your septic system, it is better to call Honest John's Septic Service Inc. for an inspection and repair service sooner rather than later. A malfunctioning system is not only unpleasant to deal with, but it can also be a health and environmental hazard.
Tanks Installed — Septic Tanks and Systems in Apple Valley, CA
If there is no nearby line for your home to be connected to, our experienced crews can do an installation of a new system. Our crew takes the time to ensure that any new system meets your household's needs for waste disposal. If you are thinking of selling or renting out your property, then having any repairs done beforehand can save you time and energy during the negotiation process.
At Honest John's, we offer services throughout Apple Valley, California. If your system has failed but your property is within 200 feet of a municipal sewer system, we can connect your home to it. During this process, we first make the connection to the city's system using strong and durable pipes. We then remove the damaged septic tank and its connecting pipes. After the old tank and pipes are removed, we will fill in the hole with topsoil and restore your property to the same condition as it was before the work was performed.
To arrange for prompt and thorough plumbing system repairs or a connection from your home to the city's system, give us a call today. We can help you choose the best solution for your home's sanitation needs.

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