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Septic Pumping in Apple Valley, CA.

After some years of use, your septic system's tank will become partly filled with solids. In order to maintain the system's functionality, septic pumping must be performed. We pump thoroughly and can be done in less than one day with our powerful equipment. When Honest John's Septic Service Inc. workers arrive at your residential or commercial property in the Apple Valley, California area, you can expect respect and professionalism at every stage of the pumping process.
Big Truck — Septic Systems in Apple Valley, CA
Pumping of your septic system should be done about every three to five years depending on its usage and size. Households that produce a great deal of solid waste such as grease and food particles may need to have pumping performed on an annual basis, while households with just one or two members may only need to have their septic tanks emptied every four or five years.
If you are unsure of when your septic system was last pumped, we can come out and do an inspection for you. During a septic inspection, we perform certification of the system's size and overall condition. If it is time for the tank to be pumped, we can do it on the same visit or schedule another time that is more convenient to your needs.
Regular pumping of your septic tank helps to provide you with a more comfortable and better functioning home. A septic system that is at capacity could cause foul odors to develop. Full tanks can also back up into your home through drains in the bathtub, washing machine, sinks or toilets. Keeping up with septic system maintenance helps you to avoid these unpleasant issues.
To schedule a septic system inspection or to have your home's septic tank pumped, call us at Honest John's. Our crew is ready to help ensure that your septic system is fully functional.

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