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At Honest John's Septic Service Inc., we offer a full range of services. From installing a new or larger system to pumping and providing professional repairs, our experienced crew gets the job done correctly the first time.

Since 1963, we have been serving the High Desert community of Apple Valley, California with pride. Our timely arrival for appointments shows that we respect the time of our customers. We offer thorough inspections if you are planning to purchase a new home or if you are in need of septic repairs.

Our team also offers repairs and pump services for businesses. By performing preventive maintenance of your system, we can help to ensure that your business stays open and fully functional without any disruptions.
Honest John’s Septic is a septic tank specialist with decades of experience helping clients install, repair, and replace septic tank systems. We have the expertise and resources to provide septic tank services to a broad range of commercial and residential clients. Our team can work with any type of septic tank system design or brand.

If you would like a free estimate for any of our septic services, please call our office today. As a locally-owned company with a commitment to our service area, we’re always happy to provide advice, answer questions, and offer no-obligation quotes!

Our Septic Services

At Honest John’s Septic, we’re a single source for all your septic needs. Whether you have a large commercial system or a small residential tank, we can provide repair, installation, replacement, and more. If you’d like to explore our primary septic service lines in more detail, check out our options below:

Septic Pumping Service

If you own a property with a septic tank, you need to remove its contents on a routine basis. Septic tank pumping is the process of draining your septic tank of its waste. At Honest John’s Septic, we provide full-service septic tank pumping that will remove all the contents of your home or commercial property’s tank.

So, do you need your septic tank pumped? If you’re currently experiencing drainage problems, strange odors, or other signs that your septic tank is full, it might be time to call Honest John’s Septic for a septic tank pumping service.

In most cases, our clients require septic tank pumping every three to five years, but some smaller tanks require pumping at least once per year. Contact us today if you’re ready to schedule an appointment with our team – we’re cheaper than other septic tank pumping companies in our service area!

Septic Tank Repair Service

If your septic tank is leaking or faulty, it can expose you, your family, and your pets to harmful waste. Also, it can result in wastewater backing up into your home, which can cause $1000s worth of unnecessary damage.

If you want to fix septic tank problems, please call our office today. We’re more than happy to provide immediate repair services to clients with severe septic issues. Our team will act quickly to protect your property from damage or exposure to harmful waste.

Septic Tank Replacement Company

If it’s been years since you upgraded your septic tank, it might be time for a replacement. While many septic systems are built to last for decades, there may come a time when upgrading your tank is suitable.

In many cases, our clients request septic tank replacement because of capacity issues. If you have a large family, a small tank might not be able to handle your needs. We can quickly upgrade your septic system to ensure it’s more appropriate for your property.

Also, if you’re experiencing chronic septic tank leaks and issues, it might be time to call a replacement service to upgrade your tank.

We offer the best septic tank replacement prices in our service area – and we’re happy to provide free quotes to anyone that wants to know how much septic tank replacement costs. Contact us today to discuss any septic tank replacement projects in our service area!

Septic Tank Installation Service

Are you building a new home? Do you want to switch from a traditional sewer line to a septic tank? Regardless of why you need a new septic tank, it’s critical to work with an installation team that has extensive installation experience.

We can design, source, and implement any type of septic tank. If you have an upcoming septic tank installation project, and you need to speak with a septic expert, please contact Honest John’s Septic for more information.

Septic Tank Maintenance Service

Routine maintenance is critical if you want to protect the overall condition and performance of your septic system. By inspecting your septic tank and its various components, we can identify potential vulnerabilities and faults. Our team of septic tank specialists will fix any underlying problems before they turn into major issues.

Septic maintenance is an often-overlooked service that can yield excellent benefits. If you regularly service your septic tank system, you can protect yourself from unwanted drainage performance issues and a host of other damaging problems.

Septic Tank Certification Company

If you require a septic tank certification for a mortgage, lease, or any other purpose, feel free to contact Honest John’s Septic to schedule an appointment. In many cases, mortgage companies will require septic certifications before they’re willing to extend a loan for a home. Also, some tenants will desire a septic tank certification to ensure that the property’s plumbing system is in good condition before they sign a lease.

If you have any questions about septic tank certifications and their purposes, contact Honest John’s Septic today to speak to a septic tank specialist. We’re happy to provide quick turnaround times to individuals that require urgent septic certifications.

Commercial Septic Services

While many of our clients are residents in our service areas, we also help small business owners and commercial property managers. We have experience with large commercial septic systems. Contact us at Honest John’s Septic if you have any questions about our commercial services.

Choose Honest John’s Septic

So, why is Honest John’s Septic the best septic tank company to choose for septic tank installation, replacement, repair, maintenance, and more? Let’s find out why so many people choose our team:

• We’re the most reliable septic tank repair company in our service area.
• We have decades of experience providing effective solutions to our clients.
• We’re more affordable than other septic services.
• We provide free estimates to all our clients.
• We offer septic tank installation services, repair services, maintenance services, and more.
• We run a timely and affordable septic certification service.
• We can offer verified testimonials from other septic service clients.

Call Our Septic Specialists Today for No-Cost Estimates!

If you’re ready to unlock expert septic tank services from Honest John’s Septic, there’s never been a better time to call our office. We’re always ready to help our local clients benefit from professional septic services – we’re here to help you protect your home and waste management system. Please contact our office today if you would like a no-obligation estimate for any of our septic services!

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

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5 star ratingWe are selling our house and were dreading removing the beautiful pathway and landscaping located above the septic tank they needed to inspect for the certification that we needed. The amazing, professionals who arrived to pump and inspect managed to tunnel under our walkway without disturbing a stone. They replaced the surrounding landscaping so that it looked like they were never there. I couldn't believe it when I saw it! Amazing! Thank you so much for your wonderful service, you took so much stress off of our shoulders.
Joyce A. Avatar
Joyce A.
5 star ratingOur family has used Honest Johns for 30 years and the one time I tried a different company they called to cancel our appointment. Later that night the sewage started to come back we had an emergency. Honest Johns came over first thing in the morning even though they where booked.
I will never try anyone one else again.
Thank you for saving us!
Selin c. Avatar
Selin c.
5 star ratingThis was a great experience they came out found my septic cleaned it up and was very professional. I would recommend them to Anyone with a septic They Quoted me a Price over the phone and that was what I was charged. The guys were very nice They can't be informed on what they were doing and why good experience.
Teresa S. Avatar
Teresa S.